Cybersecurity task force seeks new security framework, exemption to the Stark law

From: Modern Healthcare

By Rachel Z. Arndt

In a draft of a cybersecurity report to be released later this month, the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force called on the government to create new policies that would help healthcare organizations strengthen their cybersecurity.

While some of the details of the report’s six “imperatives” were vague—a call for more awareness, for instance—others were directed at specific standards and laws that might have more apparent effects across the industry. These include a new cybersecurity framework specific to healthcare and amendments to the Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark Law) and the Anti-Kickback Statute to allow healthcare organizations to assist physicians with cybersecurity. These, along with other imperatives set out in the report, would “help to increase awareness, manage threats, reduce risks and vulnerabilities, and implement protections not currently present across a majority of the health care industry.”

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