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AvMed Agrees To Pay $3 Million To Data Security Breach Class Members; Size Of Payments Linked To Years As Customer

From: Reed Smith

Article by Mark S. Melodia, Paul  Bond and Frederick  Lah

Earlier this week, a data breach class action brought against health insurance provider AvMed, Inc. came one step closer to resolution when plaintiffs filed their unopposed motion for preliminary approval of the class action settlement. The parties filed a joint notice of settlement back in September, but details were not provided until now.

Private sector wary of the Africa cyber security recommendations

From: humanIPO

The African Union Convention on Cyber Security (AUCC) is to be voted on in January 2014, but after reading the fine print stakeholders in the ICT industry are already voicing their displeasure at some of the submissions that could be passed.

The AUCC consists of 15 African member states and among its chief proposals is establishing a credible framework for cyber security in Africa through the organisation of electronic transactions, protection of personal data, promotion of cyber security, e-governance and combating cybercrime.

Brussels to set up security, business networks in push for European cloud

From: EurActiv

Jeremy Fleming

SPECIAL REPORT / The Commission is setting up new expert groups to advise on security and business related-issues to accelerate the establishment of a unique “European cloud” capable of challenging global rivals in a sector where the EU has been lagging behind.

Yesterday (28 October), the EU executive announced the formation of an expert group to work on safe and fair terms for cloud computing contracts, to identify best options for consumers and small companies, often reluctant to purchase cloud computing services because contracts are unclear.

GCHQ talks to fund groups over cyber attack risk

From: fundweb

By Pamela Morris

GCHQ has conducted a number of meetings with some of the UK’s largest fund groups in order to try and counter an increasing threat from corporate cyber attacks, says the FT.

The move comes as attacks targeting commercial secrets have doubled in the last year alone, according to investigations agency Kroll.

Senior members from fund houses including Legal & General, F&C and Aviva are said to have met with GCHQ agents, who are urging asset managers to put cyber security higher up their agenda.

Cybersecurity tax credit part of Montgomery County’s effort to become industry hub

From: The Washington Post/Capital Business


Cybersecurity companies in Montgomery County will be eligible for tax credits starting next year as part of the county’s mission to become a national hub for companies that sell cybersecurity products to the private sector.

The Washington region is emerging as a hotbed for the cybersecurity industry, in part because of its proximity to federal agencies, the military and government contractors.

But Montgomery County officials see a niche in courting companies that plan to sell their products to private companies, such as banks or health care providers, rather than buyers in the defense and intelligence sectors.

Staff mobiles ‘can pose cyber-security risk’

From: The Scotsman

COMPANIES could be leaving themselves open to serious security threats as a result of the growing use of corporate mobile devices by employees, according to researchers at the University of Glasgow.


Experts who examined mobile phones returned by the employees of one Fortune 500 company found that they were able to retrieve large amounts of sensitive corporate and personal information from the devices.

The data yielded by the study of 32 handsets included a number of items that could cause “significant security risks”, the research team at the University of Glasgow said.

Inside California’s Cybersecurity Task Force



California Gov. Jerry Brown spent considerable time this year forging ties with China — seeking economic partnerships for the state during a weeklong trip there in April, then signing a non-binding climate change pact with the emerging superpower in September.

But agreements on paper only go so far amid the ever-changing dynamics of foreign relations. As Brown was touring China in search of trade opportunities, China’s military likely was continuing what it has reportedly done for years: methodically probing for vulnerabilities in critical computer systems maintained by California government agencies and the state’s biggest companies.

Web Firms Object to Brazil Data-Storage Legislation

From: Wall Street Journal

Proposal Would Require Internet Data on Brazilians to Be Stored in Brazil


SÃO PAULO, Brazil—Industry organizations representing the world’s major technology firms sent a letter this week to Brazilian congressmen asking them not to pass a controversial regulation about Internet data storage, citing potentially damaging effects to both Brazilian and foreign companies.

Security, privacy don’t conflict, says Canadian privacy commissioner

From: IT World Canada

Cybersecurity and accountability should be a greater business priority,  conference told

IT security experts often focus on hunting down malware makers and  vulnerabilities in organizations, while government privacy commissioners work  separately at protecting personal data.

Sometimes it seems they have conflicting goals.

But the federal privacy commissioner has told a Montreal security conference  that its time the two groups worked closer.

Report: HIX Vendors Have Security Issues

From: HealthDataManagement

A review by an I.T. trade publication of public records finds two contractors that helped develop the troubled health insurance exchange Web site have had “fairly serious” data security issues in the past.

The incidents, according to the review by Computerworld, are not related to the Web site’s current performance problems, the publication emphasizes. “Even so, the information is relevant in light of the ongoing scrutiny of the companies involved with the problem-plagued exchange,” it adds.