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DHS plans expansion of cybersecurity workforce

From: Federal Times

The Department of Homeland Security plans to grow its cybersecurity workforce by more than 50 percent, as lawmakers and the White House work to expand the department’s authority in securing both government and private-sector websites.

By October 2012, DHS’ cyber staff will grow from 260 to 400 workers, Philip Reitinger, deputy undersecretary of the department’s National Protection and Programs Directorate, said at a Senate committee hearing Monday.

A new legislative proposal released by the White House this month not only places DHS as the lead defender of the dot-gov domain but also gives the department expanded authority.

White House cybersecurity proposal shifts FISMA responsibility to DHS


The Obama administration’s proposal on cybersecurity transmitted to Congress this week makes long-needed changes to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), judges to Alan Paller, research director at the SANS Institute.

The White House proposal, which is a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, includes a provision directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) “to exercise primary responsibility within the executive branch for information security. This includes implementation of information security policies and directives and compliance” with FISMA, except for national security systems.

Sony Breach Spurs Call for Tough Legislation

By John K. Higgins
E-Commerce Times

“It is appropriate to question whether enough is being done to solve the data breach problem,” CDT’s Justin Brookman told legislators at a privacy hearing last week. “Although some state and federal regulations require companies to notify affected consumers of a data breach, the financial and reputational cost of notification may not provide many companies with adequate incentive to properly protect consumers’ data in the first place.”

A key element in the shifting political winds in Washington is a call for less business regulation, especially from the conservative wing of the now ascendant Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Sony’s Cyberattack And How Companies Fail In Data Security

Editor’s Note:  There are multiple legislative proposals pending, including from the White House, to apply federal cybersecurity standards to the private sector.  Major private sector security breaches, such as the one discussed below, can only increase the significance of the draft legislation.

From: Fast Company

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