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With fears of full-scale cyberwar, questions of attribution arise


Script kiddies and credential stuffers aside, the increase in nation-state activity and cyberespionage threats have begun to plague organizations across sectors.

How UK Government Policy and Regulation Ensure Cybersecurity Investment Continues To Thrive


Senior strategic partner, Europe, Paladin Capital Group


That said, the UK stands in a respectable third place behind Israel and far ahead of all other European counties. It is also poised to accelerate its in-country and global cybersecurity investments and leadership.

Cybersecurity is becoming an important engine for the creation of British jobs and is a strategically important sector for the country’s defense. According to data cited in a recently published government cybersecurity strategy paper, the size of UK cybersecurity exports alone is expected to rise from £750 million in 2017 to £2.6 billion by 2021.

White House Assures Google, Goldman AI Won’t Get Heavy Hand

From: Bloomberg

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The White House unveiled a hands-off regulatory approach to foster the development of artificial intelligence at a gathering of more than 40 companies in Washington Thursday.

A top White House technology adviser, Michael Kratsios, told representatives of companies including Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc.Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Boeing Co. that they’ll have the greatest possible latitude to develop AI, according to a copy of his remarks that was provided to Bloomberg.

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