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The Internet Became Less Free in 2018. Can We Fight Back?

Editor’s Note: Regulation in action.

From: Wired

Author: Emily Dreyfuss

As democracies around the world struggle to hold back the rising tide of authoritarianism, a similar crisis is unfolding online. Three factors converged this year to make 2018 the eighth straight year that global internet freedom declined, according to an annual report from the nonprofit Freedom House: increasing censorship in response to disinformation, the widespread collection of personal data, and a growing group of countries emulating China’s model of digital authoritarianism.

MENA companies will spend $1.9bn on cybersecurity in 2019

From: Oil and Gas Middle East

Attivo Networks shares its predictions for MENA cybersecurity in 2019

Carla Sertin

In 2018, organisations in the Middle East invested heavily in multiple solutions to build and strengthen their cyber defenses. This trend will continue in 2019 as well, as organisations steadily increase their cybersecurity investments. According to Gartner, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) spending on enterprise information security technology and services is expected to reach $1.9bn in 2019, an increase of 9.8% over 2018. In view of this, Ray Kafity, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey & Africa at Attivo Networks, shares his predictions on top cybersecurity concerns and the kinds of threats that will put these investments to test (all  below quotes attributed to Ray Kafity).