From: eWeek

By Chris Preimesberger

NEWS ANALYSIS: It is quite possible that there is no such thing as personal data privacy anymore–especially when it comes to video.

SAN FRANCISCO — A growing number of people think Facebook, other social networks, connected device makers–and potentially the entire internet of things market itself–are (or soon will be) too invasive into personal data privacy for their own good. This topic was one of many on everybody’s minds at this week’s RSA Security 2017 conference at Moscone Center.


Whoa, wait just a minute. What is the point of wanting to know where I was yesterday? Yes, I’ve given Facebook permission to know my location, but I don’t remember telling anybody that it was okay to track me from yesterday. By the way, I don’t want Facebook to know where I’m going tomorrow, either. Is that coming next, using some predictive algorithm?

Facebook Verifying Location Algorithms

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