From: CPI Financial

IoT device manufacturers need to account for sub-standard cybersecurity, the UAE-based cybersecurity company said.

by Sarah Owermohle


Harshul Joshi is Senior Vice President of Cyber Governance, Risk and Compliance at DarkMatter, said that the weapon used in the October Dyn attack, the Mirai botnet, was particularly effective because it harnessed infected, internet-connected devices, or so-called ‘Internet of Things’ devices, which, ominously from an expanding cyber threat landscape standpoint, are finding their way into more households around the world.

The same weapon was reportedly used for several days in continued attacks on Liberia, where two companies that co-own the only fibre going into the country are being targeted. During the attacks, websites inside the country are rendered unavailable, Joshi said, adding that at this stage it is unknown who is behind the Liberia attacks.

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