From: Inside Counsel

While many see a lack of action on federal cybersecurity laws, there is a possibility of broad standards being developed for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

By Ricci Dipshan

Broad support for federal action and an unprecedented distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), which crippled a host of popular websites across the United States and Europe in October 2016, might not be enough to push the federal government toward implementing national cybersecurity laws in the near future.


Support for federal action on cybersecurity issues, however, is widespread among U.S. citizens. A pre-DDoS attack survey of 800 registered voters taken by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s The Institute for Legal Reform found that 86 percent supported a national breach notification standard. In addition, 84 percent agreed that consumer protection laws should be updated to definitively address data privacy and better guide investigations and litigation.

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