CHIME Member Leads Healthcare Cybersecurity Task Force

From: HealthITSecurity


Information sharing is a key part to improving healthcare cybersecurity measures, especially as the healthcare industry is different from other sectors.

Creating a set of recommendations that anyone in the healthcare industry can utilize is one of several goals for the federal healthcare cybersecurity task force, according to co-chair and CHIME board member Theresa Meadows, R.N., CHCIO.


“Enhancing cybersecurity in the health care sector can help reduce risks for the industry and give patients peace of mind,” wrote  Stephen Curren, Director of ASPR Office of Emergency Management, Division of Resilience. “The Task Force will use these inputs to augment its work and to support the broader goals of gathering information to disseminate to health care industry stakeholders; creating a single system for the Federal Government to share actionable cyber threat information; and developing the final report to Congress.”

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