From: DW

The cyber attack on TV5 Monde shows the vulnerability of the digital workspace. The only cure: government intervention, says researcher Haya Shulman.

DW: Hackers attacked TV5 Monde last night, severely disrupting the channel’s broadcasts. Is that something that can be done from the outside?

Haya Shulman: Certainly, that can be done. Almost everything nowadays works over the Internet, over the IP network. This includes phone calls, television broadcasts, radio broadcasts. If you can exploit vulnerabilities in the Internet, then you could subvert a TV broadcast.

Are companies prepared? Do they try to secure their systems?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really depend on one specific company. We saw a number of attacks recently, also on critical infrastructure. An attack on a steel plant in Germany did a lot of harm. We also saw attacks against government agencies that were communicating remotely. The problem is that the Internet is not secure. Even if one company decides to secure its networks: if it is connected to the Internet, it is still vulnerable to attacks.

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