From: Russia Beyond the Headlines

Sergei Ptichkin

By the end of 2014, the Russian government plans to review a law on critical information infrastructure that would enable the country to build a comprehensive defense system against cyber attacks. Igor Sheremet, one of the co-authors of the bill and board chairman of the Governmental Military-Industrial Commission, gave an interview to talk about the initiative.

RBTH: What cyber defense system does Russia already have in its arsenal?

Igor Sheremet: A state system to detect and warn against computer attacks is being created under the guidance of the Federal Security Service (FSB). Three cyber intelligence networks belonging to foreign countries were identified in 2013 alone, which prevented the theft of two million pages of secret information. Today, in some cases cybernetic espionage is more effective than classic espionage with agents. Foreign James Bonds are unlikely to be able to penetrate another state’s structures so deeply as to have the opportunity to steal an entire secret archive.

RBTH: Is eavesdropping on computer networks a real thing or a myth about spies?

I.S.: You can meet with both unintended and subversive defects in all devices – smart phones, tablets, personal computers, and even network formation tools such as servers and routers.

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