Why the government needs access to your data

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By Paul Cooper

We are in Brussels at the 27th annual Information Security Solutions Europe Conference (ISSE), one of Europe’s largest gatherings of cyber security experts.

Troels Oerting of the Danish police gave a fascinating opening keynote defending the right of the police to use surveillance over the Internet. It certainly ruffled some feathers in Brussels, but here are some of the highlights so you can make up your own mind.

At the moment I’m taking a lot of flak from privacy people on the Internet, because I want police and law enforcement to have access to people’s data on the Internet.

I know this is controversial. We all live in European countries, and you might have a government you trust, who gives you rules about how you live in the world.


Right now, the vast proportion of cyber criminals are from the Russian world. It’s a huge problem for us, and they’re very, very skilled. We have to make it unattractive to be a criminal regardless of where you come from. We have to have a conversation about how to secure the Internet — not for the tech savvy, not for you and me, but for my mother and father, my brothers and sisters, who just use it, and don’t know what’s waiting out there for them.

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