From: Gizmodo

Dan Geer is world-renowned cyber security researcher. He’s Chief Information Security Officer at In-Q-Tel, a non-profit venture capital firm. Hid company invests in technology to support the CIA. He’s knows his shit. And he uses a pager instead of a smartphone.

The Washington Post spoke to Geer after the keynote speech at last week’s Black Hat security conference. They asked him about his use of technology:

I don’t carry a mobile phone. Honestly, it’s a nuisance… But I testified actually twice — once at the FCC, once in a congressional committee — that if you required location tracking, I was going to give one up… I said I would give it up, and went ahead and did it. So you say, “Well, you’re cutting of your nose to cut your face, you’re just being stubborn.” But no, I meant it…

I’m not a Luddite. Luddites smash machines. But I am getting older, and it’s easier to say “why do I care?”… I’ve been carrying a paging device but the pager companies are slowly going out of business because of this [points towards mobile phone being used to record interview] for obvious reasons. But it’s important for some people to be able to reach me for certain situations that occur, as you might guess.

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