From: ZDNet

Summary: ZDNet’s resident cyberwar expert, David Gewirtz, presents a SITREP (situation report) analyzing unexpected areas where US interests might be vulnerable in the unlikely event that the Russian invasion of Ukraine generates a response by US or UN forces.

Could America end up in a shooting war with Russia over Ukraine? It’s unlikely, but there are precedents that would support such an action.

One of the jobs of geopolitical strategists is to “game out” possible scenarios — however unlikely — to help prepare national security officials and the National Command Authority for possible weaknesses in our security and attacks that might come from unexpected quarters.

Russia and the Ukraine are one such scenario. Speaking of unlikely, one of the earliest people to speak of Vladimir Putin’s possible invasion of Ukraine was Sarah Palin back in the 2008 presidential campaign. She made the statement as part of one of her many seemingly over-the-top criticisms of then-Senator Obama.

Now, of course, such an invasion is taking place. Russian troops have already taken hold of Crimea and Putin’s puppet parliament voted unanimously to deploy troops in the rest of Ukraine.

A matter of precedent

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