From: Engadget

By Mat Smith

Huawei’s having a tougher time  getting its network tech into the US, but Congress is apparently  looking to shore up its security with other Chinese manufacturers too  and has added a new purchase review law for NASA, Justice and Commerce departments of the government. Reuters reports that these  branches won’t be able to buy any IT system equipment without a federal  law enforcement official giving it the okay, after assessing “any risk associated with such system being produced, manufactured or assembled”  in China. The new restriction is folded into a 240-page spending law document and Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei has already requesting that the US to abandon the law. While it’s difficult to spell out the repurcussions yet, it could affect more than just the telecoms infrastructure that ZTE and Huawei were selling, with the ever-expanding Lenovo likely to be buffeted by the same new regulations — stripped down or not.