From: Channel 12

By Jennifer Oravet


A cyber-intrusion of Alabama’s IT infrastructure remains as mysterious today as it did on Friday, when WSFA 12 News confirmed the security breach with the Alabama Department of Homeland Security. Instead of answering specific questions, the Department of Homeland security issued this statement:

“The Alabama Department of Homeland Security acknowledges that there has been a cyber-intrusion of state government IT infrastructure. It is currently under criminal investigation and at this point there will be no additional comments.”

In an effort to gain more information concerning the investigation, WSFA 12 News was directed to the Department of Homeland Security by Governor Robert Bentley’s press office, as well as the public information officer for the Alabama Bureau of Investigation.

When pressed with for additional information, the public information officer for the Department of Homeland Security responded, “There will be no additional comments from our office.”

Any attempts at requests to confirm which agency is investigating the confirmed cyber-intrusion have been denied. As such, there’s no way to gauge the scope of the computer breach or to determine which departments may be affected. That means there’s no way to determine what information relating to the citizens of Alabama may be compromised.

The Alabama Attorney General’s office has yet to respond to requests made on Friday, to confirm or deny its involvement. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also failed to respond to questions regarding the cyber-intrusion.

There’s no news, and no official availability, as a confirmed criminal investigation plays out on the state level, but by an agency that remains unnamed.