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Dhiraphol SuwanprateepPattaraphan PaiboonKritiyanee Buranatrevedhya and Chanaporn Anurukwongkul | Baker McKenzie

After the Cybersecurity Bill (Bill) was approved “in principle” by the Cabinet in 2015, the Bill was revised by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) and presented for public hearing in March 2018. The Bill provides criteria for maintaining national security, military security, domestic peace, and economic security in the cyber environment, establishes the National Cybersecurity Committee (NCSC) to deal with cyber attacks in Thailand, and prescribes penalties for non-compliance.

In the absence of cybersecurity law in Thailand, the Office of Prime Minister Regulation Regarding the National Cybersecurity Preparation Committee B.E. 2560 (2017) was issued to prepare necessary infrastructure for the development of cybersecurity. Once the Bill becomes effective, this temporary regulation will be automatically repealed.

Key issues under the Bill include:

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