From: Albawaba Business

As part of its statutory functions and duties towards the regulation and privatization of electricity and related water sectors, the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) held a press conference to launch its Forward Work Program for 2018. Reinforcing transparency among stakeholders and in-line with the government policies to ensure consistency of work planned for each subsequent year, the 13th edition of the program will include several priority areas aimed at enhancing the electricity sector efficiency, promoting competitiveness of the local market, and conducting initiatives for renewable energy.

Speaking at the event, Qais bin Saud Al Zakwani, Executive Director of AER, said; “The Authority is pleased to announce the Forward Work Program for this year which focuses on developing the electricity sector and supporting related companies in their various business aspect. It will also provide studies and strategies for the government in the economic operations of these related sectors. In addition, the Authority will be reviewing best international practices to support the introduction of Electric Vehicles (EV) and public recharge stations in the Sultanate.”

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