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1. New Guidelines for Employers on Use of Surveillance Cameras.

The Privacy Protection Authority (the “PPA“), formerly known as the Israel Law, Information and Technology Authority or ILITA, has published new guidelines for employers regarding the use of surveillance cameras (the “Guidelines“). These guidelines supplement guidelines issued by the PPA in 2012 regarding use of surveillance cameras generally (see our legal update at Directive%20-%20Surveillance%20Cameras_0.pdf)

The principle underlying the Guidelines is that “in a place where technological monitoring is carried out on a regular basis, the employee cannot enjoy one moment of grace in which he would feel left alone, without an external gaze upon him and his actions. Even worse, recording and storing the images allows the employer to examine the employee’s past conduct and demand an explanation for every act or omission, minor or archaic, without the employee being able to rely on the tempering effect of human forgetfulness and the moderating power of the context and the time in which the deeds were done“. In response to this problem, Guidelines were implemented, restricting the employer’s use of surveillance cameras and information stored therein.

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