Editor’s Note:  The ENISA “Flash Note” “Password security: a joint effort between end-users and service providers” is attached here

From: ENISA – European Network and Information Security Agency

In the cyber world our identity is reflected by our usernames and passwords. For users, keeping their passwords safe is vital to avoid security incidents such as identity theft. But online service providers (who store usernames and passwords) are expected to do the same. Problems arise when security is compromised at either end of the chain.

Passwords protect sensitive information – whether it be financial or health data, private material, intellectual property, customer lists, etc. Yet, just halfway through 2012, data breaches have already exposed millions of citizens’ personal data including password information. ENISA is urging service providers to take preventive actions to better protect sensitive data.

More information on how service providers should improve the safety of their users’ information, prevent data leaks and offer a more secure service to citizens is contained in this latest Flash Note.