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BY Enrique M. Stile, Diego Fernandez and Maria Eugenia Cantenys | Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal

This article will analyse and summarise Argentine regulations regarding cyber security and data privacy and explore internet issues in the context of employment relationships.

Data privacy

The most comprehensive statutory regulation regarding the protection of personal data in Argentina is the Personal Data Protection Law (Data Protection Law), which is regulated by Decree No. 1558/2001 and enforced by the Data Protection Authority (DPA).

The general principle under the Data Protection Law is that any treatment of personal data must be specifically consented to by the data subject. Such consent must be given freely, based upon the information previously provided to the data subject (informed) and expressed in writing or by equivalent means, depending on each case. The data subject may revoke consent at any time, although this will not have a retroactive effect.

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