From: Defense Systems

A cyber summer camp kicked off earlier the week of June 25 in Northern Virginia that will give 50 individuals who have scored well and demonstrated their proficiency in online cyber competitions a chance to learn skills that will prepare them for careers in cybersecurity, the U.S. Cyber Competition (USCC) said in a news release.

The camp curriculum includes in-depth workshops on a range of cyber topics, such as penetration testing, reverse engineering and forensics. The workshops are led by college faculty, SANS Institute senior instructors and various cybersecurity experts.

The summer camp being held in Arlington, Va., is part of the 2012 Cyber Summer Camp Series, which features two national week-long camps and two statewide camps. The purpose of the camps and other efforts by the USCC is to educate and train 10,000 of the nation’s best and brightest individuals for cybersecurity careers.