Police probe video of possible data hack at the National Archives

From: The Hill

By Elise Viebeck and Cory Bennett

Law enforcement is investigating a possible data breach at the National Archives, after a hacker group released a video purporting to show a break-in on the agency’s website.

The video was posted on YouTube in early February by a group known for hacks of U.S. websites. Shared privately with The Hill, it shows a Web user scrolling through a database of agency files, accompanied by threats and ominous music.

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One response to “Police probe video of possible data hack at the National Archives”

  1. AugustBlack says:

    Oh, I can say that ominous music can make everything look terrifying, that’s the power of music. And for some reason, I wasn’t able to find the exact track they used there, so I’m glad that with Mp3 Juice, it wasn’t a problem for me to download it. In general, I think that everything turned out better than it seemed, so it was just a threat, and at one point, it was pretty well-done, I have to say.

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