What new DMCA rules mean for medical device research

From: Christian Science Monitor

This week the Library of Congress issued exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that pave the way for independent researchers to begin examining medical devices for software flaws.

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews Delivers Remarks at Mid-Atlantic Executive Cybersecurity Conference

From: Commerce.gov

Today, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews spoke about the importance of understanding cybersecurity risk for financial institutions at the Mid-Atlantic Executive Cybersecurity Conference. Addressing a crowd of 150 regional banking leaders, Deputy Secretary Andrews highlighted the work the Department of Commerce is doing to help American companies mitigate cybersecurity risk. He also stressed how critical it is for senior leadership to invest in cybersecurity solutions.

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OPM takes the paper out of performance management

From: GCN

By Stephanie Kanowitz

Managing employees’ performance is critical to keeping government agencies operating smoothly —  which is why it’s ironic that the process is not automated. The Office of Personnel Management estimates that two-thirds of federal workers still use paper performance plans, and OPM is trying to change that.

In July 2014, OPM released the automated USA Performance (USAP) tool to help federal agencies manage their Senior Executive Service performance management programs and systems without paper.

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Draft NIST guide helps banks with IT audit

Editor’s Note: NIST Draft Special Publication 1800-5c, IT Asset Management–Financial Services: How-To Guides for Security Engineers, is available here.

From: FedScoop

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is trying to help financial organizations modernize how they manage their massive IT footprints.

By Greg Otto

Large financial institutions often have similar issues to federal agencies when it comes to IT, including keeping track of what is hosted on or connected to an organization’s network.


“Following this guide will help organizations better manage their cybersecurity risk,” said Nate Lesser, deputy director of NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. “A centralized view of asset information, including location, ownership, hardware, software and patch levels improves situational awareness and can reduce security and compliance costs.”

How Vulnerable Is The US Electrical Grid To Hacking?

From: Daily Caller

Andrew Follett, Energy Reporter

The American power grid is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks despite the best efforts of government agencies as shown by recent investigations, Congressional hearings, and government reports.


Despite years of effort from various federal agencies, many utilities still don’t even have staff members dedicated to cyber security and have to either hire outside help or simply not secure their networks.

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