Cyber Collaboration in Government Still a Work in Progress

From: Nextgov

By Hallie Golden

Amid the onslaught of cyberthreats faced by federal agencies, the potential for an even larger and more sustained catastrophic version of a digital attack has become an increasingly real possibility.

If such a scenario were to took take place, the Defense Department would certainly play a lead role in the response. But it likely couldn’t do it alone, according to Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, commanding general of the Army Cyber Command.

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One response to “Cyber Collaboration in Government Still a Work in Progress”

  1. Maximilian Hohenzollern says:

    That’s true, cyberthreats are getting pretty popular, and I can tell you that I used to struggle with them pretty often because I used to download music with shady services. But not so long ago, I managed to discover Tubidy, and after I started using only that platform to download music, I stopped having any problems at all. However, I know that hackers are getting smarter, and they implement new ways of hacking.

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