DOJ issues data breach guidance

From: Association of Corporate Counsel

On Wednesday, April 29, 2015, the Department of Justice Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) Cybersecurity Unit issued new, detailed guidance on data breach incident response best practices.  The document was announced at an invitation-only round table hosted by DOJ and provides guidance on what DOJ regards as “best practices for victims and potential victims to address the risk of data breaches, before, during and after cyber-attacks and intrusions.”  The document was prepared with input from federal prosecutors as well as private sector companies that experienced cybersecurity incidents.

Casinos going all in for 2016

From: The Hill

By Megan R. Wilson

The $240 billion U.S. gambling industry is looking to bolster its political influence with a national effort to mobilize workers behind its policy agenda heading into the 2016 elections.


The AGA will also be working on cybersecurity and financial regulatory issues, and working to combat illegal gambling, which it says takes important tax dollars away from state and federal budgets and masks other crimes like money laundering. Freeman, the former executive vice president and chief operating officer of the U.S. Travel Association, also wants to enact policies that boost travel and expand the visa waiver program.

Fed’s Tarullo Pushes for Simpler Oversight of Community Banks

From: Bloomberg


Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo told community bankers he wants to simplify their oversight because they don’t pose a risk to the U.S. financial system.


Real Issues

“It would be preferable to relieve both supervisors and community banks from examining compliance with these kinds of requirements in order to concentrate resources on the real issues presently faced by these institutions, such as cybersecurity and interest-rate risks,” Tarullo said.

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Facebook warns regulators ‘risk damaging EU business market’

From: The Irish Times

Social network is currently implicated in a case regarding its data gathering practices  

Karlin Lillington

European data regulators risk damaging the EU business market by fragmenting regulation into 28 individual national markets, Facebook has warned today in its first extensive public comments on data protection issues.

Regulators responding to complaints about Facebook —which has its European headquarters in Ireland and is under increased European scrutiny for its data handling practices— should work with Ireland’s Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (OPDC) to resolve regulatory issues, according to Richard Allan, vice president of EMEA policy at the company.

Could Big Data Fix Government’s Cyber Problem?

From: Nextgov

By Frank Konkel

According to a new study, the U.S. government’s IT leadership believes hackers permeate infected networks for an average of 16 days before detection.

For a sophisticated intruder, 16 days is an eternity to sniff around and ferret out data, manipulate log files and generally wreak silent havoc. The study, released today by Virginia-based public-private partnership MeriTalk, found a majority of 302 federal, local and state cybersecurity professionals believe their organizations are “overwhelmed” by the volume of security data.

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