A Proposal to Create a Peruvian OIRA

Editor’s Note: The following article appeared in the Peruvian newspaper Altavoz and is posted here as part of CRE’s continuing analysis of centralized regulatory review around the world. For more on the topic, see here and here. A translation from the original Spanish via Google is below. The Spanish original is found here.

From: Altavoz via Google Translate

INAER: A proposal for the next Congress by Gustavo Rodriguez Garcia

An agency revitalizing the economy.

Do you know what INAER? In the spirit of making proposals to congressional candidates and, why not, candidates for president, I propose the creation of an entity called INAER (the name is unimportant, of course). INAER means National Institute for Efficiency in Regulatory Affairs is, as its name announces, an agency that should work to promote the economic analysis and proportionality / reasonability necessary in all regulation. The idea is that this agency performs tasks such as performing OIRA in the United States (OIRA is the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs attached to the White House).

An agency that serves deregulatory purposes (or filter to the exclusive establishment of sensible regulation) can allow in our country whose benefits are exclusively restrictions outweigh the costs they generate are implemented. It is a way to set aside intuition and move into the more technical analysis. In a country where regulatory proposals passionately moved by vigilantes or populist speeches, an agency that ensures the consistency of a determination with the way that generates real welfare to individuals is required.

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