Four Markers for Restoring America’s Leadership In the Management of the Regulatory State

To the RPO’s and related staff:

Although the documents in the attachment highlight the contributions of OIRA, it is best to view OIRA as synonym for centralized regulatory review for which the contributions of the RPO’s and their colleagues in the agencies can never be given enough credit.



■ OIRA: The Most Important Government Office You Never Heard of (IVN News, January 29, 2016)

■ Three Reasons Why OIRA Needs A Strong Institutional Base (JREG Notice and Comment , January 27, 2016)

■ Regulatory Deossification Revisited (JREG Notice and Comment, January 25, 2016)

OIRA: The Most Important Government Office You’ve Never Heard Of

From: IVN

OIRA, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, located in the White House Office of Management and Budget, is often referred to as the “most important office you never heard of.”

Why? Because it is the office that must review all significant regulations issued by all federal agencies before they become legally binding on the American public; in essence, it is the “cockpit” of the regulatory state.

One can only imagine that the office is often maligned, sometimes by the left and sometimes by the right.