A Website Dedicated to the Implementation of a Regulatory Budget

Editor’s Note: Originally posted on OIRA Watch here.

March 2016

It has been thirty six years since the first prototype regulatory budget was created during the Carter Administration; it has been nearly half a century since the concept of centralized regulatory review, a necessary condition for the implementation of a regulatory budget, was developed in the Johnson Administration.

Now is the time to launch the first initiative to implement explicit measures to control the size of the regulatory state.

More specifically  there has been an increased interest in implementing a regulatory budget including what we expect to be  the introduction of landmark legislation.

Accordingly CRE has developed a website dedicated exclusively to the implementation of a regulatory budget which is titled Controlling the Cumulative Cost of  Regulation.

The website consists of two parts:

1.  A library, which is updated continuously, of major articles written on a regulatory budget, and

2.  A commentary on critical events leading to the implementation of a regulatory budget.

Each of the above are highly interactive and the public is encouraged to offer comments.

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