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“EPA Offers Webinars on Pollinator Health and Habitat”

Editor’s note: EPA’s Office of Pesticides Programs posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“Beginning in March 2020, EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs will host a series of public webinars highlighting ongoing work to promote pollinator health and habitat.

These webinars seek to increase awareness of the evolving science on pollinator health, promote efforts to improve pollinator habitat, and engage stakeholders in addressing factors associated with declines in pollinator health.

Each webinar will target different stakeholders, including the general public; homeowners; school officials; scientists; conservation groups; beekeepers; growers; and state, local and tribal governments.

Announcing New Members of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency posted the following press release:

“EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs has announced the new members of the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC). Established in 1995, the PPDC is a diverse group of stakeholders chartered under the Federal Advisory Committee Act to provide feedback to EPA on various pesticide regulatory, policy and program implementation issues. These members will serve on the PPDC from Dec. 9, 2019, through Dec. 9, 2021.