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EPA Publishes Final Applicator Certification Rules

EPA has published final rules updating the existing regulation concerning the certification of applicators of restricted use pesticides in response to public comments received on the proposal and based on stakeholder review of the existing regulation and its implementation since 1974. These final rules are effective March 6, 2017. Click here for EPA’s Federal Register notice of these final rules, which contains more details and relevant links.

CRE Comments on EPA’s Atrazine ECO Risk Assessment

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CRE filed comments on EPA’s draft Ecological Risk Assessment for atrazine (“ERA”).  CRE’s comments included the following conclusion and recommended EPA actions:

There are no field data–no real-world data–supporting the ERA’s modeled effects. EPA should revise its ERA to be consistent with this fact.

If EPA still believes that some change in the current ecological assessment and regulation of atrazine may be necessary, then EPA should first take the following actions:

1) Validate the ERA models in accordance with the principles discussed above;

2) Develop field data supporting any changes proposed by EPA;