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EPA Extends Comment Period for Worker Protection Standards

On March 19, 2014, EPA published proposed revised worker protection standards for pesticides and agricultural workers. On May 14, 2014, EPA published Federal Register notice extending  the comment period for these standards from June 17, 2014, to
August 18, 2014. Click here to read EPA’s Federal Register notice extending comment period.

EPA’s SAP Publishes Its Report on RNAi Pesticides

This Science Advisory Committee report explains that”[t]he focus of this SAP meeting was on the problem formulation phase of the human health and environmental risk assessment of pesticidal products using RNA interference technology (RNAi). EPA consulted with the SAP on scientific issues that might be unique to RNAi and how they could fit under the existing risk assessment framework. The SAP addressed seven charge questions divided into human health considerations (questions 1-3) and ecological risk considerations (questions 4-7). The Panel provided the following overall summary of the major conclusions and recommendations detailed in the report.”


“Human Health Considerations – Major Conclusions and Recommendations

EPA’s Pesticide Registration Review Website

EPA has a new and useful website called Reevaluation:  Review of Registered Pesticides.  This site includes links to individual pesticides in registration review, and to groups of pesticides in registration review.  The site also includes links to discussions of why EPA reviews pesticide registrations; previous pesticide reviews; opportunities to participate in registration reviews; and registration review schedules.

Click here for EPA’s pesticide registration review website.