Editor’s note: EPA’s Office of Pesticides Programs posted the above-titled article, which reads as follows:

“Beginning in March 2020, EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs will host a series of public webinars highlighting ongoing work to promote pollinator health and habitat.

These webinars seek to increase awareness of the evolving science on pollinator health, promote efforts to improve pollinator habitat, and engage stakeholders in addressing factors associated with declines in pollinator health.

Each webinar will target different stakeholders, including the general public; homeowners; school officials; scientists; conservation groups; beekeepers; growers; and state, local and tribal governments.

EPA will hold the first webinar, Creating Monarch Habitats in Schools and Communities, on March 10. Presenters will explain the monarch butterfly’s importance as an iconic species; why safeguarding monarch habitat is critical to overall ecosystem health; and how schools can create living educational environments that provide safe habitat. Participants will learn about threats to the monarch butterfly, monarch migration patterns, and the role groups and individuals can play in conserving monarch habitat by adopting integrated pest management practices.

The remaining webinars will address pesticide risks, agricultural stewardship, and pollinator protection plans:

  • Advancing the Science of Assessing Risks to Bees from Pesticides (July 2020) – Exploration of advancements in standardized test methods and efforts to leverage existing data through retrospective analyses with consideration of both pesticide exposure and effects. Focused on scientists and pesticide manufacturers.
  • Agricultural Stewardship and Best Management Practices to Reduce Pollinator Risk(August 2020) – Presentations on various agricultural stewardship and best management practices, including integrated pest management techniques, that aid in reducing pollinator risk and enhancing pollinator habitat. Geared toward growers, pesticide applicators, agricultural land managers, and stakeholders working in crop production.
  • Engaging Stakeholders: Development and Implementation of Pollinator Protection Plans (September 2020) – Discussion of managed pollinator protection plans as a way to engage stakeholders in improving pollinator health and efforts to coordinate research on the effectiveness of these plans. Target audience will be state, local and tribal governments; conservation groups; and the agricultural community, including beekeepers.

Visit EPA’s website on Protecting Bees and Other Pollinators from Pesticides for the latest information on Agency efforts on pollinators. Registration information will be available on that webpage in advance of each webinar.