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EPA Reinstates Salmon Buffer Zones

EPA is reinstating streamside no-spray buffer zones for endangered or threatened Pacific salmon and steelhead in California, Oregon and Washington State. No-spray buffer zones will be imposed for the pesticides carbaryl, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, malathion and methomyl in waters that support salmon. These buffer zones will remain in place until EPA implements any other protections for Pacific salmon and steelhead based on reinitiated consultations with the National Marine Fisheries Services.

PNAS Peer Review Abuses Alleged

Hank Campbell, in his blog Science 2.0., recently posted an article criticizing the peer review process in some scientific journals.  Mr. Campbell used a PNAS paper on atrazine and amphibians as an example of what he claims to be prevalent peer review abuses.  Part of Mr. Campbell’s article follows: