Massad’s Message To The CME: Be Prepared For More Regulation

From: Seeking Alpha

  • On November 18, Tim Massad addressed the CME Global Financial Leadership Conference to discuss the sweeping changes in the OTC swap market.
  • Massad provides the audience with a glimpse of what he’ll be focused on in 2015 — the central theme being one of harmonization across borders.
  • The key issues of 2015, for the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, are oversight, market data, enforcement, and cyber-security.

Tim Massad has received a great deal of criticism over the implementation of regulatory reforms from the Dodd-Frank Act and their impact on the futures market. In his remarks to the CME (NASDAQ:CME) he sheds some light on what he plans on doing in 2015 to allay those concerns. He starts off with a quick history lesson on the importance of reforms, but the main message of the day had to do with cross-border challenges and the desire to “harmonize the rules across borders as much as possible.”

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