Report Faults Rollout of Air-Traffic-Control Upgrade

From: The Wall Street Journal

A Core Technology at Center of Modernization Is Cited for High Costs

By Susan Carey and Andy Pasztor

An effort to modernize the U.S. air-traffic-control system is seeing such a bumpy rollout that costs associated with some of the core technology outweigh potential benefits, according to a report soon to be released by a federal watchdog.

An audit report by the Transportation Department’s inspector general, slated to be released in the next few days, raises new questions about the design, deployment and projected benefits of one of the Federal Aviation Administration’s futuristic ways to enhance monitoring and management of aircraft.


The document also reveals that the Defense Department and others have doubts about the FAA’s ability to face security challenges “related to cyber threats” and the “security of the ADS-B infrastructure and aircraft avionics.” The report also says a more-complex version of the program, which would beam data into cockpits so that pilots could “see” the heading, altitude and speed of other airplanes around them, has so far not been “fully defined.”

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