2014 AMSC Conference awards presentation and energy revolution, mariner situational awareness and cyber security

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Posted by Lt. Jodie Knox

The Transportation Research Board hosted the 15th Biennial Harbor Safety Committee and Area Maritime Security Committee Conference, in Philadelphia, Pa. August 26-27th, 2014. The conference explored best practices, innovations and technology that address critical harbor and maritime safety and security issues.

Rear Adm. Charles Michel, deputy commandant for operations for the Coast Guard, was the keynote speaker at the conference and presented awards for two separate award recipients.


Cyber security

“So you’ve got all these really cool technologies,” said Michel, “Well guess what…every time you use that technology…it creates vulnerability.”

Michel spoke about tackling these vulnerabilities through resilience planning.


“When you take a look at that NIST framework, it’s got basic things in there that a responsible IT system user would put into place like password protection, basic configuration management, anti-virus software protection…you know those basic things. It’s not going to get you to the level where you’ll be able to hold off a nation-state if they’re very serious about getting into your networks but for most security related things, if you follow that Cyber Security Framework…it’s going to take out a lot of risk,” said Michel.

Michel spoke on how his goal is to create mandatory cyber security regulations while working in conjunction with AMSCs, industry and other stakeholders on the creation of those regulations. The intent would be to provide a reasonable standard of care the same as is done on the physical security side port security.

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