Why A Secured Network Is Like The Human Body

From: Dark Reading

Dan Ross

It’s time to throw away the analogies about building fortresses and perimeter defenses and start to approach InfoSec with the same standard of care we use for public health.

The networked enterprise is often compared to a fortress: Guard your perimeter, build a secure wall, keep out intruders, beware spies and traitors. Like many of our approaches to cyber security, this metaphor is outdated and doesn’t help clarify the complex of challenges we are facing.

The new reality is that blocking and prevention mechanisms are not enough to stop the more targeted types of threats we’ve seen. If massive, multinational corporations can put millions of dollars and hundreds of people on cyber security patrol and still be spectacularly breached, we obviously need to make some adjustments. Security professionals are realizing that they need to defend in three dimensions:

  • What we do before an attack
  • What we do during an attack to understand that one is happening (before the dwell time leads to significant loss in IP)
  • What we do after an attack to ensure it doesn’t happen again

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