Data Security Act of 2014 could stitch together patchwork of current regulations

From: Inside Counsel


The lack of standards in data protection makes events like the Target security breach this past holiday not only difficult to prevent but nearly impossible to hold anyone accountable to. A new bill is hoping to change that, but consumer advocate warns that the bill will strip some of the rights currently enjoyed by customers burned by improper data storage.

The bill, Data Security Act of 2014, which was introduced by Sens. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and Roy Blount (R-Mo.) would seek to improve consumer safety by bringing together a number of currently incomplete laws that operate at the state level under new federal law. According to the initial filings, this bill seeks to “prevent and mitigate identity theft, to ensure privacy, to provide notice of security breaches, and to enhance criminal penalties, law enforcement assistance, and other protections against security breaches, fraudulent access, and misuse of personally identifiable information.”

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