President’s science & tech panel releases cybersecurity report urging further regulation

From: Inside Cybersecurity

Dan Dupont

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology today released its report on cybersecurity opportunities, opening up for debate its suggested “leveraging” of existing regulatory authorities and singling out the Securities Exchange Commission for its potential role in mandating the disclosure of business risks.

The main conclusions of the report, “Immediate Opportunities for Strengthening the Nation’s Cybersecurity,” were first reported Thursday by Inside Cybersecurity. The report was approved by PCAST during a public meeting on Nov. 20.

The document includes a letter to the president from PCAST’s co-chairmen — John Holdren, assistant to the president for science and technology, and Eric Lander, president of the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. They disclose that the board issued a classified, more thorough report on cybersecurity in February.

“This unclassified report is not a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s cybersecurity needs and opportunities, but it makes key insights from that analysis available to a wider audience,” they write.

The report’s key conclusions center on the need to “adopt protective processes that continuously couple information about evolving threats to defensive reactions and responses; static protective mechanisms are no longer adequate,” the letter states.

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