NIST/NTIA/ITA/Office of Secretary Request Further Comment on Green Paper

The Department of Commerce is issuing a Request for Comments that asks for comments on the Internet Policy Task Force’s 2011 paper, “Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy” aka the Green Paper.  The Green Paper and an advance copy of the Federal Register notice are attached below.

The Notice notes that

In particular, many responses to the 2010 NOI highlighted a large group of functions and services that should be the subject of our efforts. The Task Force is calling this group the “Internet and Information Innovation Sector” (I3S). The I3S includes functions and services that create or utilize the Internet or networking services and have large potential for growth, entrepreneurship, and vitalization of the economy, but would fall outside the classification of covered critical infrastructure as defined by existing law and Administration policy.

FISMA Focus encourages all cybersecurity stakeholders to participate in the proceeding.

FR.Internet Policy Task Force.Request for Comments



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