Security on the railway: does collecting personal data have a place?

From: Railway Technology

By Julian Turner

The Belgian Government has approved a pilot project to collect data on Eurostar travellers, part of the Passenger Name Record regulation that applies to international flights. Should the rail industry bear a similar responsibility to airlines when it comes to security issues?

Passengers on board Eurostar services between Brussels and London will soon be parting with more than just the price of a ticket; they will also be sharing personal data – everything from travel dates and itineraries to contact details, even their seat number – with security and customs agencies.

The pilot scheme launched by the Belgian Government is part of the Passenger Name Record (PNR) regulation that applies to international flights. Belgium is the first EU member state to extend the security check system to coaches -long-distance bus operator Flixbus is also included in the trial – and high-speed trains on international routes.

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