5 Security Priorities for Government Agencies as TIC 3.0 is Announced

From: Security Boulevard

by Fortinet All Blogs

The Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Initiative is a program created by the federal government with the aim of consolidating the number of external internet connections within agencies. With fewer official exit points to the internet, IT teams can more efficiently manage security efforts for traffic flowing through government networks.

Recently, an update to this initiative was announced. Known as TIC 3.0, this update modernizes the current version 2.2 of TIC, Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS), which allowed government agencies to use consolidated models to host their presence with authorized providers, such as CenturyLink, Verizon, and AT&T.  This enabled agencies to provision much of their security services from these providers, thereby removing the need to manage security on-premise.

What Does TIC 3.0 Mean for Government Agencies

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