Former NSA chief wants private sector to take on cyberthreats

From: TechTarget

by Sonia Lelii

Protection against WannaCry ransomware and other cybersecurity threats could benefit from better leadership in the business world, former CIA and NSA head Michael Hayden says.


In his keynote speech at the ZertoCON user conference in Boston last week, Hayden said the private sector needs to step up and do its part in stopping cyberthreats in the internet age.

“I see a lot of senior leadership running away from the cyber problem, especially in the private sector,” he said. “[They say] ‘I don’t know that kind of stuff. That is too hard for me. I’ll defer it to someone else.’ That is not humility. Real humility requires senior leadership to step in and know that is their responsibility. It actually requires doing some homework, but it’s their responsibility.”

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