What’s Wrong With America’s Current Approach to Cybersecurity?

From: Pacific Standard

Cybersecurity has transformed what is actually a people problem with a technology component into its exact opposite.

By Gregory Michaelidis


Until we embrace a vision of public cybersecurity that sees people, at all ranges of skill, as essential to our collective security, there will be no widespread cybersecurity. We assume consumers aren’t willing to pay for or care about security, and so instead of thinking systemically about how to change that, we double down on technological solutions. This, however, invites a lot more self-inflicted pain, with real consequences for both our social and economic health, and our homeland and national security as well.

Right now, America’s collective cybersecurity effort is headed toward near-certain failure for reasons within our own control. In less than a decade — thanks to the influx of dollars and high-level policy and press attention — cybersecurity has transformed what is actually a “people problem with a technology component” into its exact opposite. It’s not too late to change course. But that first requires rejecting the fallacy that individuals can, or should, simply wait around to be passive recipients of cybersecurity.

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