Will Video Games Be Regulated Based on Tobacco Imagery?

A provocative essay published earlier this year asked, “Is the Internet a Tobacco Product?” Now an anti-tobacco NGO, the Truth Initiative (formerly the Legacy Foundation) is suggesting that video games can be deemed to be tobacco products. The video game industry should pursue a pro-active approach of engaging in a substantive dialog with the NGO and other public health stakeholders through the public exchange of studies and analyses that comply with the Data Quality Act. CRE encourages all interested persons to post their views and supporting materials on this thread.

Below is an invitation from the Truth Initiative for its webinar on video games.

Truth Initiative presents
Played: Smoking in Video Games
Join us on Wednesday, Dec 7, from 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Video games will be at the top of many holiday wish lists this year. What many gift givers don’t know is that smoking is prevalent, and often glamorized, in video games popular among youth. Best-selling franchises such as Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and Halo feature characters who smoke.

Join Truth Initiative for a free webinar to learn about the prevalence, trends, and perception of smoking in video games presented by Dr. Elizabeth Hair, senior vice president, Evaluation Science and Research. She’ll also provide critical action steps that will protect youth from the influence of tobacco imagery in video games.

Register Here


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