Energy Sector and Domestic Economy are Especially Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

From: Environmental Leader


“The reliance of all of our critical energy infrastructures on electricity places a very high premium on a reliable, modern and hardened electric grid, as well as our efforts to understand, develop and evolve our emergency response capability to ever-changing and evolving cyber-threats,” Moniz testified before the US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, last week.

He said that the lurking dangers are even greater than before now that the Internet of Things is connecting 50 billion devices, all of which need electricity. The Internet of Things is a network of connected devices, which then communicates with various divisions within an enterprise so that operators can make better decisions. Oftentimes, such information is stored in the so-called cloud where people with authorization can gain access — or people without such permission.

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  1. Maximilian H says:

    Recently, I have been thinking more and more about the need for me to switch to using solar energy. I don’t know what’s going on with my country’s energy sector, but I have constant power outages and I’m paying huge bills. I’m already planning to buy monocrystalline solar panels and also looking at other equipment to create a complete solar station at home.

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