Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Judge to Decide

From: American Banker

By Lalita Clozel

WASHINGTON — Whether bitcoin is actual currency is at the forefront of a first-of-its-kind money-laundering case in Florida to be decided Friday.

In February 2014, Michel Espinoza was arrested in a Miami Beach motel for agreeing to sell $30,000 worth of bitcoin to an undercover police officer he had met on an exchange site called

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2 responses to “Is Bitcoin Money? Florida Judge to Decide”

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  2. ZiyadCarter says:

    The ongoing debate over whether Bitcoin qualifies as money takes an intriguing turn as a Florida judge prepares to weigh in. This case could have significant implications for the cryptocurrency landscape. For more insights into the evolving world of blockchain and crypto, check out Stay tuned for the outcome of this pivotal decision.

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