It’s 2016 and we don’t know who has our personal data

From: ZDNet

Companies continue to prove that they can’t protect the data they collect, or even pinpoint where it is

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The big losers are always end-users who entrust their data to companies big and small that continue to prove they can’t protect the information they have collected. LinkedIn is only the recent headline punching bag. Others have left an indelible mark including Adobe (152 million records), Ashley Madison (30 million), (27 million), and the United States Office of Personnel Management (21 million).


We need to figure out how we store less data protected by better security. Innovators and vendors need to work like heroes to combat these problems; end-users need to cleanup their act and ditch the crappy passwords for better authentication; security needs to finally trump convenience, courts and regulatory bodies need to establish precedents for punishing sloppy cybersecurity; and we need to be vigilant Internet citizens that care about who has our data, and if they can protect it adequately.

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