What OMB is doing on federal cybersecurity, and what it should be doing

Editor’s Note: For more on what OMB should be doing on federal cybersecurity, see Why OIRA Needs to Coordinate Federal Cyber Security Regulation.

From: Politico


With help from Darren Goode


The Office of Management and Budget is in the process of figuring out how to use the bimodal IT model of information technology management in federal government, he said at the FedScoop-hosted conference. What that involves is simultaneously maintaining the old, legacy systems while also innovating. “You always have this set of things that’s the old stuff — the legacy stuff, the bread-and-butter stuff that runs your agency — and you have to have some way of managing the old stack and the new stack,” Scott said. “It’s time to say goodbye to the ‘wait until it breaks’ mentality, and get on to a continuous upgrade, continuous refresh kind of motion.” (Of note: The bimodal IT model is far from universally embraced.)


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